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Hi friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to my Pastry blog...!!
Watch out My blog of baking which will add colors into your life...!
Rejoice your Family and friends..:) :)
Am Archana, a Software professional, presently staying abroad with my cute daughter and lovely hubby . An avid homemaker and have keen interest in crafts, cooking and baking. During my childhood days I always crave for sweet pastries and used to ask my brother to buy some cakes, puffs or sweet puff after returning from school and college. He will love to buy because he likes it too. So we enjoyed going to bakery frequently. Those are sweet memories now. While staying abroad,I miss those Indian pastries. My passion being cakes, I love to make it, decorate and celebrate it with my family and friends!
I just loved to try variety of recipes and to my surprise, it was turning awesome!I realized soon after that pastry is where my happiness and interest lies.It was simply divine to see the people enjoying it and seeing their satisfaction, my friends said start your blog or your website. This inspired me to start my blog as a tangymind.blogspot.com

A bit Introduction on my blog TangyMind :)
 Its pastry to  people who loves to eat for sweet tooth pastries such as Cakes, Muffins,Cookies, Cupcakes and bread products. So I will be posting recipes as I had experienced  in baking pastries,cookies, muffins,  cupcakes, loaf, puddings, pizza and bread at my home. 

Happy Baking :)

Now I would love to have your valued comments/ suggestions to improve.Be my follower!!! :)

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  1. First time to ur space.. Glad to follow u.... Keep Rocking !!!

  2. lovely to know more about you Achu... your a great cook, I am sure your daughter is having super fun having your dishes :-)

  3. hi archana ....love ur space here! following u and waiting to see wats next :)

  4. Hi Archana,
    Nice blog and I will surely try your dishes soon. I love to participate in your events too. Being a new blogger I wish to be active with all other creative minds.

  5. Hi Archana,

    I happened to taste your yummy cake today :). I actually devored most of it without letting our friend have it.Ha ha ha . It was so very yummy. And now am all locked up in going thro your wonderful blog.
    I strongly suggest that you start your own home bakery and start selling these yummy treats.


  6. Hi first time reader and such a cute blog..Aww..keep posting :):)

    Sangeetha Menon

  7. hi Achu,

    Today i happened to visit my event and you were lined up for guest hosting my SIC event during the months may15th to july 15th, just wanted to chk with you, as to whether you were able to host it or are you still open for future months.

    Here is the event calendar for your reference: http://anuzhealthykitchen.blogspot.com/2012/07/south-indian-kitchen-series-event-1.html

    Anu's Healthy Kitchen

  8. Hi archana... I am ur new follower... u have a lovely blog.. will be glad if u follow me back...

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