Saturday, September 1, 2012

Announcement Event Series- An International Celebration - U.S.A

Announcement Event Series- International Celebration- Desserts/Sweets/Bakes for the U.S.A.

Dear Friends

Announcing my favorite event called an International Celebration - U.S.A.
I am excited to post my 2nd event of 2 dishes one for baking or dessert or both for the U.S.A Celebration on September month
 This event is owned by Jagruti of Jagrutis Cooking Odyssey. Am very happy for choosing the right event on the theme U.S.A. as the USAs traditional cuisine uses indigenous ingredients such as sweet potatoes, corn, pumpkin and maple syrup. Chocolate Chips cookies are widely popular in the U.S. Based on there traditional desserts and holidaying /Celebration such as an Independence day, Labor Day, Halloween, St.Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Worldwide Christmas.please bake any goodies as traditional cakes, cupcakes, pies and cookies Or desserts

Thanks a tons to Jagruti Madam for letting me to host this event and I am very lucky for this.

Coming to the theme of this event, you can bake any goodies or make a dessert or both.
We shall give you an online award for the Most Contributor Award, Best Innovative Award, Best Traditional Award, Best New Dish Award and a Participation Award.

Here are the participation details:

1.On hosting this event for the  USA I am asking you all to send in your recipes for

Example : Classic American Pumpkin Pie or New York style cheesecake.
  2. Entries posted from 1st - 30th September 2012 is acceptable.

3. Please link your entries using the linky tools here.

4. Your entry post should contain the link to this event announcement and Jagruti's Event Announcement.Please put our event logo on your blog and everyone will read it that will be very helpful.It's MANDATORY!

5. Multiple entries are welcome only based on September 2012.No archived and older posts please. If an older entries or non traditional entries or not following the rules, then will be removed or DELETED.

6. Non-bloggers are invited to participate in the event. You can mail me your recipe and a photograph of the dish to the mail id

  Looking forward to see your creative and delicious entries.
Link your entries here


  1. Great event Archana,
    Happy hosting.

  2. Hi Achu, Happy hosting. Sound great, I'm interested in this. I'll look thru my recipes to join this event.

    Have a nice weekend. Regards.

  3. Great one Archana! Would surely link up something before the month end. Happy hosting dear!
    One more thing, I would like to invite you to my blog hop, Cook Like a Star. The theme for the event is MAsterchef You can check out the details here,
    Do join us in this fun blog hop.

    Take care

  4. Happy Hosting achu :) Interesting !! Will definitely participate in this event.

  5. Oh nice event.. Will surely participate.. I also invite you to participate in my first guest host event - Coconut.



  6. Just Added my entry.

  7. Hi Achu, this is a great event will definitely send some entries soon
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  8. Hi Archana, thanks for viewing my space and leaving your sweet words. Surely I will send my entry before this month end. Great event and happy hosting dear.

  9. Hi Archana, linked my Vanilla cuccakes with cream cheese frosting recipe to ur event

  10. Hi,
    It says collection closed here, but today is the 30th so here goes my last attempt


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