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Dutch Apple Pie for Baking partners

Hello Friends!!!!

Herewith I had selected Dutch Apple Pie in the Baking partners challenge.It was so tasty and rich in texture.Among the recipes are Kofieebroodje (Dutch Coffee Buns) And Traditional Dutch Apple Pie.

It was fun and everyone in my family loved it.Thanks to Swathi of zesty south indian kitchen for this challenge and suggested by Kaveri of Palakkad Chamayal

You can also join the baking partners Challenge here it is the link as given :)

Here goes the recipe which is egg less one.You can follow the recipe as given link if you want to add eggs. :

Traditional Dutch Apple Pie

Recipe Source: The Dutch Table


For the crust/base:
  • 2 Cups of All Purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 Sticks of cold unsalted butter cut into cubes
  • 3/4 Cup of sugar
  • 1/4 tsp of salt
  • 4 Tbsp of Milk(cold)
For the Filling:
  • 2 Big Granny Smith Apples( I used green ones)
  • 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
  • 1 Cups of raisins soaked in 1/2 cup of apple juice
  • 1 Tbsp Speculass Spices**
  • 2 Tbsp Cream of semolina rava
  • 1.4 cup of sugar

**Speculaas spice mix:
  • 15 grams  cinnamon
  • 5 grams  cloves
  • 5 grams nutmeg
  • 2 grams white pepper
  • 2 grams coriander seed
  • 2 grams aniseed


For Preparing the base crust.

  • Mix the flour with the sugar, salt and cut in the butter. Rub gently and quickly with your hands. It is fine to have pea sized pellets.
  • Add the cold milk one by one at a time and knead gently.
  • Refrigerate the dough at least for half an hour or until the dough is firm and pliable.
  • Take a Spring foam pan or pie pan of size 8 or 9 inch.

For Filling
  • Peel and core the apples.
  • Cut the apples and slice into big ones.
  • Toss it with the rest of the ingredients, except the bread and keep aside.
  • Grease and dust a springfoam pan with butter and flour.
  • Take the dough out of the refrigerator, keep aside 1/5th of the dough.
  • Press the remaining dough onto the base and ¾ the height of the sides of the springform pan.
  •  Cut the edges of the bread and cut them into small cubes. Place these bread cubes all over the base
  • Now add in the apple raisin mixture, press lightly to fit in.

For the Top of the pie.

You can do lattice or any design as you like.I had chosen Heart shaped cutter for the remaining dough as my own design.

  •  Take out the remaining dough
  •  On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough using rolling pin.Take the heart shaped cutter and press into the dough to get the desired shape and place it on the pie one by one till it is covered.
  • Arrange it as you like.Arranging the hearts design gives the better look
  • With the last bit of dough, roll into a rope like and place around the circumference of the pie.
  • Brush the top with 2 Table spoon of milk and sprinkle 1 Tblspoon of sugar.
  • Bake at 350 F for 75 minutes.
  • Allow it to cool on the cooling rack.
  • Take out the pie and transfer to the serving plate.Slice it and It is best to serve warm along with dollop of ice cream or serve it as a snack!!!


Happy Baking!!!!

.Linking this entry to Swathi of Baking Partners!


  1. wow the pie is looking so delcious....

  2. oh... look at the hearts of the top... so nice dear... it looks yum...

  3. I like your heart shaped pie top..looks very nice..the appeltaart looks delicious

  4. U made the pie ...........i went for the buns - so lovely to see those heart shaped toppers.....:)

  5. The pie looks so hearty! love the hearts on top!

  6. wow fantastic pie archana :) look too gud !! love the hearts topped :) perfectly made !!

  7. You made delicious apple pie with cute little heart I liked very much.

  8. The hearts on top are a great idea!!! Great work!

  9. Great job dear,cute heart shapes..very pretty


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