Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My First Blogger Award :)

Hi friends!!!!

Unbelievable as I got an award from Punitha Madam our dearest blogger friend.She is very kind hearted and sweet women.I have received a Sunshine Award from her and my joy know no bounds!!She has given an award to all blogger friends.:) Her blog is full of delicious recipes and always cook in an traditional way. Way to go her blog Punitha's South India Food Recipes. She is alike my mom and cooks in her traditional way of life in South India.:) Am very lucky to have her as my kind hearted and affectionate friend :) Thank u once again dear and I wish all the blogger friends to have her as the wonderful women in life!

Heartfelt Thanking you Punitha madam dear for your blessings and best wishes and Thank you  for my dearest blogger friends :)

Awaiting to hear your comments :)


  1. Hi Achu ,

    CongratulationSSSSSSSSSS !!!!

    Thank you for your kind words on me Dear:)

    Keep up this good work Achu...


  2. congrats achu. u deserve this and hope u get many more

  3. Congrats on your award..happy to follow u..
    pls visit and join my space in your free time..

    Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

  4. Congrats! Punitha is really a very good blogger and excellent friend of mine too. Wish you get many more awards in future.

  5. Congrats Achu, Wishing many more to come.

  6. Congrats on your award....Wishing you to receive more awards :)

  7. Congrats and wishing many more....first time here...following u....pls do visit my blog and follow too....

  8. Hi achu first time here... you are having such a lovely space here... happy to follow you... When u get free time visit my space too...
    Congrats for your award... wish to get many more...

  9. Hi Archana,
    Congrats on your award!!
    Coming over from baking partners. Glad to know more Indie bloggers via this group :D.
    Following you from now on.


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