Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My 1st Attempt Pumpkin Carving for Halloween Day :)

Dear Friends

On the previous day before Halloween arrives, As for the 1st time celebration for Halloween I want to make something new,decorative things and want to try it on my own.I got pumpkin and carved it for almost 3 hours and it was so fun and making me to carve very very patiently.and finally placed LED light on it and It is glowing beautifully and bright inside the pumpkin when lights are switched off and it got scary BOO Whoa it is the Witch sitting on the flying broom :)!!!! :) Also made pumpkin muffins you can see the recipe adapted from here I was excited to see on Halloween day as my kid wore Witch Costume on Halloween day at her school.It was great and overwhelming experience. At her school they allowed it to make crafts along with kids such as photo frame or mask related to Halloween.It was fun and she enjoyed visited my friends 's home for treat or trick .She has got lots of candies and she enjoyed it well. We made it amazing today and went well as my kid said Thank you for costume and wonderful treat and also nice carving :) It was so memorable :) Here it is :)

Hope you had fun with your kid on Halloween day :)

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