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Leche Flan

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Leche Flan is popular in worldwide and In India it is also known as Caramel custard. It is the best dessert for all occasions.The main ingredient are eggs and milk with caramel syrup on top.It tastes so soft and melting in your mouth.It is plain custard where sugar such as light brown or white to cook till you get the brownish syrup. It is poured into the mold before pouring the custard flan batter.It is cooked in  the oven in a water bath. It is best served with the caramel syrup.

Preparation List:


For Caramel Syrup

1 Cup Light Brown Sugar or White sugar
¼ Cup Water
For Custard Flan
8 Egg yolks only
1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 Can Evaporated Milk or Fresh milk 


For Making Caramel Syrup
In a heavy bottomed nonstick saucepan, add the brown sugar and water to it on medium heat. Allow the sugar to get dissolve.
Never stir it with spoon. Allow to swirl the pan.
Once it boils, the color will change slowly approximately 7 minutes.
It starts to thicken till you get an amber golden color. Turn off the heat.
Pour the caramelized sugar to the 6 inch or 8 inch round pan and coat well on the bottom and the sides too.
Set aside.

For Making Custard Flan
  • Preheat the oven to 350 F or 180 C.
  • Put water to the sauce pan and allow boiling separately.
  • In a big bowl, Add egg yolks and whisk it.
  • Meanwhile whisking the egg yolks, add fresh boiled milk or evaporated milk to it.
  • Finally add condensed milk to the egg milk mixture. Blend well by using whisk or blender.
  • Do not over mix to avoid bubbles.
  • Strain the mixture into another bowl.
  • Pour the egg custard mixture into the caramelized 6 or 8 inch cake pan or ramekins and cover the top with an aluminum foil..
  • Take a boiling water and pour on to the deep rectangular baking tray
  • Place the round cake pan on the water bath of the baking tray. The water level should rise so that it has reached the half way to the sides of the round cake pan.
  • If the water level does not rise, then pour a boiling water carefully until it is risen up the halfway of the sides
  • Also be careful not to splash the water to the round cake pan.
  • Bake it for about 30 to 40 minutes or until the flan is done while the tooth pick comes out clean after removed foil.
  • Allow it to cool on the cooling rack.
  • Once cooled, invert the pan on the serving plate carefully.
  • Garnish it with whipped cream or sliced or whole strawberries on the top of the leche flan.
  • It will flow the caramelized sugar all over it and slice it

Happy Baking :)

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    1. Delicious flan, Archana , I haven't tried one yet .

    2. I have tried the traditional way. The flan looks so perfect n inviting

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    4. very delicious flan... lovely clicks..

    5. so delicious... i have not made flan.... you have made it so perfect!!
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    6. Lovely caramel custard, though I would be vary about the use of so many egg yolks.Does it not make it taste too eggy?? Looks delicious


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