Friday, May 10, 2013

Updates for the Giveaway on my blog 1st anniversary!!!

Dear Friends

Here are the updates for the participants who had linked  their entries as mentioned in my blog's Event and based on following the rules and given points by me. Here are the details and those who does not follow the rules, You can do it  before 15th Wednesday of May and I will update for this weekend.The final list for the participants with full points based on rules will be qualifying for the surprise giveaway.It is not sponsored one.It will be given by me to you for 2 lucky winners

Below are the names with red lines has full points and are eligible for the giveaway!!! Kindly follow the rules as mentioned in my blog's Event to get the giveaway!

Entries Points 
Aara Sheikh 2 20
Amrita Roy 3 50
Amrita Vishal 1 10
Anzz 1 10
Babitha Costa 6 50
Bini Basheer 1 50
Jaleela 3 50
Latha 1 20
Manjula Bharath 6 50
Nabanita Das 4 40
Nayana 6 50
Pramitha Avinash 1 50
Preeti Garg 3 30
Priya Satheesh 1 50
Rafeeda 1 10
Sajina 1 20
Sapana Behl 1 40
Shailaja  4 50
Sharanya Palanisshami 7 50
Tanushree 1 20
Tinku  2 30
Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj 3 50

Sharanya Pathmanathan             4                                   50

Shweta Agarwal                       2                                     10

If any issues or which I missed out, please comment here in the comment area and mail me

Good Luck!!
Winners will be announced after May 15th.Stay Tuned!!!


  1. Hi Archana : Congrats on your 1st anniversary

    GFC name : nayana
    FB name : nayana liked ur page and shared the announcement.
    Announcement Url :
    Logo on side bar : Done

  2. FB page like - done as said . thanks


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