Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cherry Smoothie

Hello Friends!!!!

One day at morning I was feeling tired and not active...I want to do have something which helps me in getting energized.I saw fruits lying on the dining table and apples was there. I opened up the fridge to check whether any other fruit was inside. I got fruit named Cherries but never tasted for smoothie and saying by myself Why not have a try for Smoothie?.. It is easy to do and time saving before starting to cook for my family. I need to re freshen up!!! It was just a matter of few minutes... It was fun and my daughter and me had cherry smoothie and it was so full... It tasted best and it is so good. You try for it.Thanks a lots Priya!!!

Recipe Source: Cherry Smoothie


  • Fresh Cherries 10 to 12 Washed,drained and De seeded.
  • 1/4 Cup Cold milk
  • Sugar depends on sweetness as you added. ( I used honey for myself and added sugar for my daughter )


  • De-seed the cherries by using your hand, 
  • Put it into the blender and blend into smooth paste
  • Add milk and sugar/honey and blend it once 
  • Transfer it to the serving glass
  • Serve immediately...

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